Star Floor SF50

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    The Star Floor Kit adds a touch of magic to any room or outdoor area at the flick of a switch. Install these miniature polycarbonate fittingsĀ  in the grout between floor tiles or directly into timber floor. When switched off these fittings are near invisible. When switched on the space is dramatically transformed into an entrancing experience. Each miniature fitting is illuminated by a small diameter polymer fibre optic cable which can run under the tiles or floorboards and bend into the fitting.

    The fibre optic cables are powered with a choice of LED lightsources, depending on whether you want white light, colourchange or remote control.

    The standard SF50 comes with 50 stars

    1 x fibre optic harness with 50 strands, 10 @ 2.5m, 10 @ 3.5m, 10 @ 4.5m, 10 @ 5.5m, 10 @ 6.5m

    50 x mini polycarbonate fittings

    1 x Vega LED lightsource, static white light


    upgrade options:

    Cube LED lightsource with RGBW colourchange, remote control. Can be set to static colour.





  • Additional Information

    Standard Vega LED lightsource white light, Cube RGBW LED lightsource with colourchange

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