Star Cloth Ceiling Ring

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    Our fibre optic star ceiling ring is an extremely easy-to-install ceiling fixture, that is perfectly designed for scenarios where access above a ceiling is not possible.

    Available in midnight blue and fitted with 70 fibre optic points of light that create a wonderful starry nightscape, the ceiling ring is mounted on a 1223mm diameter aluminium ring complete with four fixing points that allow it to be easily attached to the ceiling. The ring can also be attached to a wall if you prefer.

    A small and energy efficient MicroLED 1000 light source is supplied as standard with the star ceiling ring. The two buttons on the rear of the light source can be used to cycle through the 7 colour options at a choice of 3 speeds or to set a static colour option. Estimated LED life of 50,000 hours.

    Optional Upgrade:

    The energy efficient MicroLED 4000 light source is supplied with a touch sensitive remote control, that can be used to cycle through a range of colour at a choice of speeds, or set to remain on one specific colour. Estimated LED life of 50,000 hours.

    See Downloads for additional information on lightsources and installation instructions.

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    Light source

    MicroLED 100, Microled 1000, MicroLED 4000 with remote control

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