MFK9 Paver Kit

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    The MFK9 Floor Paver Kit , designed to be installed in a row @ 750mm centres:

    The fibre optic cables are powered with a choice of LED lightsources, depending on whether you want white light, colourchange or remote control.

    The MFK9 comes with 9 pavers:

    1 x fibre optic harness with  9 cables, 1 @ 1.5M, 1 @ 2.25M, 1 @ 3.0M, 1 @ 3.75M, 1 @ 4.5M, 1 @ 5.25M, 1 @ 6.0M, 1 @ 6.75M, 1 @ 7.5M

    9 stainless steel paver fittings

    1 x Vega LED lightsource, static white light


    2 upgrade options:



    Bluetooth control on Vega LED lightsource, control on / off and dimming.









    link to Casambi


    remote control


    Cube LED lightsource with RGBW colourchange, remote control. Can be set to static colour.




     *no bluetooth control currently available on colourchange lightsources*


  • Additional Information

    Standard Vega LED Lightsource White Light, Cube RGBW LED Lightsource With Colourchange, Vega LED Lightsource White Light Bluetooth

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