DL6 Downlight Kit

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    The DL6 fibre optic downlight kit comprises 6 directional and focusable end-fittings in a choice of colour finishes , a 6 tail fibre optic harness, 1 @ 2.0m, 1 @ 2.75m, 1 @ 3.5m, 1 @ 4.25m, 1 @ 5.0m, 1 @ 5.75m and a choice of LED lightsources depending on whether you want white light, remote control on colourchange or Bluetooth on / off and dimming control on white light.

    Why choose fibre optic lighting? Fibre optic lighting is super energy efficient with one LED lamp feeding multiple points of light. Furthermore, there is no heat or electricity in the fibre optic cables and end-fittings making them a favoured choice for lighting in wet and humid environments such as bathrooms, wet rooms, spas, saunas and pool areas.


    The kit comes as standard with:

    1 off 6 tail fibre optic harness, 1 @ 2.0m, 1 @ 2.75m, 1 @ 3.5m, 1 @ 4.25m, 1 @ 5.0m, 1 @ 5.75m

    6 off eyeball fittings in choice of colour finishes

    1 x Vega lightsource static white light


    2 upgrade options:



    Bluetooth control on Vega LED lightsource, control on / off and dimming.









    link to Casambi


    remote control


    Cube LED lightsource with RGBW colourchange, remote control. Can be set to static colour.

     *no bluetooth control currently available on colourchange lightsources*


  • Additional Information

    Vega LED Lightsource White Light, cube RGBW LED Lightsource With Colourchange, Vega LED Lightsource White Light Bluetooth

    Fitting Finish

    White, Black, Stainless steel

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