SS112 +1 Star Ceiling Kit

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    The SS112 +1 star ceiling kit has exactly the same number of stars and fibre tails as the SS112, but the tails have been extended by 1m to provide greater flexibility with the light source location. The fibre lengths range from 2.25m to 3.0m. The kit comes with a choice of two standard lightsources;

    Microled 100 – LED lightsource,  static white light

    Microled 100T – LED lightsource, white light with constant twinkle

    or upgrade to:

    The energy efficient MicroLED 1000 light source features two buttons on the rear of the light source that can be used to cycle through the 7 colour options at a choice of 3 speeds or to set a static colour option. Estimated LED life of 50,000 hours.

    The energy efficient MicroLED 4000 light source is supplied with a touch sensitive remote control, that can be used to cycle through a range of colour at a choice of speeds, or set to remain on one specific colour. Estimated LED life of 50,000 hours.

    See Downloads for additional information on lightsources and installation instructions.

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    Light Source

    Microled 100, Microled 100T, Microled 1000 (+£18.00), Microled 4000 with remote control (+£58.00)

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